Feeling low today

My husband came downstairs completely stressed out because he had to sit in a teleconference meeting, and although our babysitter was there, I was still home nursing our daughter. Her separation anxiety is still very ramped up, worse than it was in March, and we are struggling to deal. She doesn't want to stay with the sitter, and wails "Mama!" when I put her down. However, when I leave her with just her Dad, she's fine.

Quick recap, my hubs works from home, so the sitter comes in twice a week to let my husband work, but he is still home.

Could my daughter and the sitter (and her two year old daughter) not be a good match? At what point am I crazy or not crazy for thinking that? This is too expensive for us not to be getting any benefits. My husband is angry, and I cried the whole way to work, and I just don't know what to do.

    Unfortunately.. working at home.. it's like the babies can smell a parent.. they know when they are there.. I would recommend trying something different.. have him "leave".. say his good byes.. and then leave... but not really.. just go out the front door at which time the sitter can take the baby somewhere else.. and he can sneak back in.. try it.. When I wanted to take a shower when my kids were little.. I had to do it.. and it worked.. eventually they caught on or could sense me.. but...

    Worth a try.. but the sitter just may need more time with her.. Why is your husband angry??
      When Clara was younger, and even now still, when I would want Clara to meet someone new and get used to them for babysitting purposes, I would sit down with the person and my daughter so she could get used to the new person and feel comfortable about it because I was right there. After a few times of doing this, she would be fine left alone with that person because she was used to them and knew that I trusted them with her.
        I guess that's the thing. We've had this sitter since July 2013...and I'm not sure it's the sitter that Maddie is uncomfortable with, but rather her rambunctious two-year-old. That makes things tricky, because of course I wouldn't say, "We don't want your kid"--we really liked that she brought her daughter along initially, but after this long, Maddie still isn't happy with the situation. We don't expect them to be best friends or even play together, but we were hoping that Maddie would just get used to it after this long, socialize a little, and not wail when we're not around. I just can't decide whether she's hitting new developmental points and that's what causing this, or if we've been pushing a bad fit for too long.
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