Has anyone heard of "Kissing Contractions"??

Has anyone heard of Kissing Contractions?

Rhonda WarrenCharlestown, Indiana
    Rhonda Warren
    LOL I have no idea what it is. I have been having some contractions close together lasting more than a minute. So today my doctor sent me for an ultrasound to measure my cervix since I will only be 25 weeks tomorrow. During the ultrasound I had something they called a kissing contraction. This one I didn't even feel, I just saw it. I called my dr office back. I am waiting on them to call me back after they talk to the doctor to see what exactly that it is. There sure isnt much online about it ...
      From what I can find it means "Myometrial contractions of the lower uterine segment may often touch one another. These have been referred to as kissing contractions."

      From what I understand it is not a problem, just something that can happen.
        Rhonda Warren
        My doctor called me back and explained what it is. She actually said that it is where your uterus contracts and the uterus actually touches the fetus.

        I didn't even feel that contraction when it happened really. It was nothing like the contractions that I have been having. I am waiting to see if the doctor thinks I should just watch my contractions closely or be put on meds to stop them until I am a little further along. I have my next appointment on June 2 which I will then be 28 weeks. I am 25 weeks now. :)

        My daughter now weighs 1 lb and 13 oz. :)
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