questions on more potty training

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I am starting to potty train my daughter again. I did a few months ago and she did very well, and then we moved and wasnt able to do it for a few months until we all got settled in to the new house. I didn't want to make things stressful for her. She is 17 months old and very smart for her age. She is also very interested in using the potty and hates being in dirty diapers. She just woke up from her nap completely dry and came over to me and i asked her if she wanted to use the potty. She said "potty, yea" so i sat her down and she went pee AND poop. so i gave her a reward and did a cheer and high fives. I was wondering if you ladies have any advice on potty training? And do I completely stop using diapers and switch to pull ups or use both, diapers for night and pull up in the morning?

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    Amanda Muir
    My biggest advice is to not make it an issue. She's very young still. It's great that she's showing interest so I think you should nurture that and encourage it, but if she has a day where she's not interested or wants a diaper then go with it. If you force it she will probably push back some.
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