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Does anyone have an older child (7-12) who has mental health issues?

4JenniferLaurel, Montana
    Hi Jennifer! Welcome to Moms.com. My 7yr old suffers from medical issues, she has some PTSD but other than that she doesn't have any mental health issues. I hope that a member with experience will come along soon and reply to your post. Welcome again!
      8Theresa Gould
      No I don't and no one is coming to mind right now so I hope someone speaks up with their experience.

      And welcome to the site!
        My oldest is 10yrs old and just received a diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder. We have been on this journey with him since he was 5yo. Thankfully we finally have a diagnosis. My 8yo has been diagnosed with anxiety, major depression, psychosis. They both have the same dad and went through the same major stressor 6 yes ago. My youngest two (current husband) were both born with a cleft lip and palate and both have the same genetic deletion which causes low muscle tone and such. Last year my 3yo was diagnosed with autism. So I understand the medical end of it too:) just really don't have anyone to talk to. Just moved here less than a year ago.
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