1 year old temper tantrums: should I use time-outs?

I wouldn't because I don't think it will be very effective at this age. I'd distract them and try to get their attention off what they are upset about or gently talk to them about what they are feeling. Keep it brief though.

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
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    Amanda Muir
    Distraction is best at a year old, but if you do decide to try time outs (some kids do need the quiet time to sort of reset) then follow the 'one minute for each year of age' adage and only have him sit for a minute. That's a long time for a little guy and much more is not likely going to happen!
      We use distraction for our 1 year old, she doesnt seem to understand any discipline yet
        9Michelle Fritch
        I wouldn't either because they are too young to understand why they are being punished.
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