Homemade counting games for preschool children

We had a Cheerio book that some of our children used when they were learning to count.

We've used linking cubes, shapes, raisins, nuts and other small foods. I made number cards with dots on the back so they could put the small food on the dots as they counted.

Playing cards is another way children can learn their numbers, mixed up.

We would count the stairs at our old house.

Children can count different grocery items as they are put in the cart at the store and again when they get home as it is put away.

The ways are endless.

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
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    Use m&ms. We would group them by colors and count. It also makes the brain think in different ways when counting things of different or like colors vin the same group. Uno cards are great for that to.
    If you still have some plastic Easter eggs pull them apart and in the end pit the counting dots and on the other put the written number. Mix them up number/dot side up and have them match the number to the right number of dots. I mixed up the colors so they weren't just guessing by matching the colors.
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