Can you help me out please!

last October I got the rhogram shot because I has a miscarriage. My boyfriend is positive. The doctor said that the reason for my miscarriage was because the blood was fighting. I think I'm pregnant again do I need to get the shot again to avoid another miscarriage?

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    8Theresa Gould
    I'm not that well versed in rhogram but I would check with your doctor to see what he advices. I'm sorry for your loss in October.
      3Lin White
      Talk to your doctor just to make sure everything would be safe.
        You need to get the shot during each pregnancy. You should call your doctor right away and see when they need you to come in. Good luck!
          Yes! But your doctor will know when during your pregnancy it needs to be administered. I am also RH negative, my husband is RH positive and both of our children that we had together turned out to be RH positive. Mention this to your current doctor and he/she should make sure that you receive the shot on time. I received it twice during my first pregnancy (I had a threatened miscarriage) and once during my 2nd pregnancy. I also received it again shortly after giving birth to both kids due to them being rh positive to make sure that future pregnancies wouldnt be threatened
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