Hello Moms! Just introducing myself!

​I am Leah, my husband and I welcomed our first child Holly in March of this year. Becoming a parent has been wonderful and challenging. I look forward to having a group of moms to commiserate with, share ideas and the general fabulous and not so fabulous moments of motherhood with!

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    8Theresa Gould
    Hi Leah! Welcome to Moms.com and congratulations on becoming a mommy!
      Congratualations and warm welcome to you! You'll fit in just perfectly here, I can already tell.
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      I am Leah, a 26 year old first time mom. My daughter Holly was born March 9,2013. I am primarily a stay at home mom but also work part time as a Figure Skating Coach. My husband and I are enjoying life as new parents. SITE HOSTESS