Night Owls!

Do you have a night owl?

My 19month old has always been a night owl. She usually doesn't go to bed until 11pm. My other kids go to bed nice and early at 7pm. I love the one on one time I get to spend with her during the evening hours. Some nights I would really love to go to bed early but she always has other ideas.

    Yes! All 3 of my kids seem to like later bedtimes. Although, we do send them to bed around 8, because I'm always afraid they won't get enough sleep before school the next morning. My 4 year old gets on the bus before 8am.
    Katie- I wanted to add that I had this issue when my daughter was around 16 months old. I found that a nice warm bath, a book and cuddles with mama really did the trick for her. I was able (for a time) to get her to go to sleep earlier as long as I laid down with her too.
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