hey ladies, we are cloth diapering our little guy and are using newborn gdiapers and all newborn bum genius. I've noticed with the bum genius he tends to leak out go the leg gussets because the diaper is still a little big. Any recommendations on your favorite cloth diapers that work well on newborns too?

Moms Expertise
    I think prefolds and covers work the best for newborns. I have used almost every single cloth diaper made. I find very few actually fit a newborn properly, even ones for newborns.
    I'm still learning as I go, with the gdiapers we are using they have disposable inserts that you can flush, so those are the main ones we're using now since the bum genius have been leaking. As far as washing them it really isn't bad at all, I'm breast feeding so I don't have to take the poo off the diaper before washing. Just throw it in the washer machine with a cold rinse cycle and then wash in hot water!
      Dulcinea Hubbard
      my favor one is Charlie Bananas one size. They don't leak:)
        Dulcinea Hubbard
        did you get the one size fits all ? you can adjust them to fit your baby.
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