Baths.. Nightly, Every Other?

Mamas.. how often do you bath your babies? Does it change each season? Did it each with their age? Does it help them sleep in your case?

Monroe was on an every other day cycle for most his little life.. until recently we really zoned in on how much it relaxed him, with his bottle after, to go to sleep.. and he seems to get such good sleep.. so we have been doing nightly evening baths :)

Moms Expertise
    Amanda Muir
    We typically do every second night because it's so dry here their skin gets ridiculously dry if we do it every day. If they get particularly dirty in the summer we will bath them nightly though.
      The first few months since birth once a week then twice a week, now we do it about 3 times a week or if she's gotten really dirty. Selena loves her bath time.
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