Special Mama/Baby Time..

Mamas.. do you recall a certain time of day or certain thing you always did with even your newborn that was just between you and them? ie.. Always rocked to sleep, always read a book in the mornng.. etc.. I think it's so special to have that special little slice of time that you will always remember :)

As of now.. Monroe and I have these fun in depth chats each morning after his morning feeding.. he's happy as a stinkin clam and will talk talk talk :) It's AWESOME.

Now.. we might be adding another to the list.. the past few nights, before his bath, bottle, bedtime routine.. we've been letting him lay on the play mat.. and oh my goodness.. little dude has figured out how the scream/shout.. at first we thought it was the start of crying.. but nope! I will talk to him, and the second I stop, he'll scream! LOL It continues to get louder and each time he looks at himself almost thinking.. OMG, I did that.. it's been quite hilarious here this week :)

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      I don't think T has had anyone else but me do his bedtime routine. It has always been bath, bottle (minus the bottle now), prayers, rocking, then bed.
      I think my favorite is naptime though. It's just me and him home and I rock him till he falls asleep. It is so peaceful and relaxing.
        Wow it has been so long that you are making me dig into the deep recesses of my brain! LOL! When mine were little I used to love to lay on the floor with them during tummy time and just watch them and talk to them!
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