..poor babe, poor parents!

Babies can EASILY become overtired.. which is typically from being overly stimulated.. the best remedy for this is to figure out what's doing it.. particularly before bedtime.. ie.. we realized Monroe was overly stimulated a few weeks ago easily at night, thus we regrouped what we let him do in the evenings.. we dimmed the lights, turned the tv down.. and if you slowly transition to bedtime settings.. it seems to really help. Just think of it as they can't quite "shut everything off" like we can to go to bed.. then they get mad because they ARE tired.. which makes them mad as well.. it's a viscous cycle! lol But I would try to slowly make things like the atmosphere of bedtime.. and gradually help them unwind :)

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      Overstimulated ... overtired babies can be a handful and it sure makes for tired parents! Thanks Meg for the ways to wind down!
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