Fetal Counts

Anybody else worry about their baby's movements being less than what it should be? As I near the end of my 2nd trimester, my baby's movements are becoming more prominent. I notice that Eire is most active between 11p to 2a. She begins to stir around 9a right as I'm starting my day. I pray often that she's a strong, healthy and happy baby who wants to stay in our family.

My friend's daughter lost her baby in utero just 11 days from the due date. I know situations like this are rare. It breaks my heart. I'm extra sensitive to emotional stories. I'm a member of babycenter.com and read the latest announcements on the August birth club, the month that Eira-Mahal is to be born. I didn't register what I was reading until I saw the pictures.

    I was never too diligent about counting fetal movements. But if I had a friend that lost their baby SO close to the due date ...or even knew someone who lost their baby in utero I would probably be a fetal counting master! i am so sorry to hear about your friends loss. I wish you the best in your pregnancy!
      For the first let me to congratulate you with this amazing time - feeling baby's movements is an exciting time during pregnancy.
      As I've read before, you should start count the baby's movement starting from 28 week - so it's too early to worry about it.)
      I believe Erie will be healthy baby - and her mom should keep herself happy and calm to meet her baby).
        Are you looking for something, you know Mary Jane sometimes we can start off doing something with simple curiosity and end up in a whole different direction, which sounds like exactly what you are doing, it sounds like you are doing everything that you can do, worrying will not change a thing some moms think that if they do not worry that they are not being good moms (some) but worrying only makes you work and usually on things that are completely out of your control. Enjoy this stage of your pregnancy, there is no way from insulating you from all the things that can go wrong in life! I always hate to see some mom and dad on Good Morning America, who has endured a tragedy involving one of their children, and they say something to the effect that " we'd thought that we done everything right", there is no such thing as everything right, even if you never experience an unfortunate event, when you think that there are absolutes where you can shield anyone from all hurt, harm, pain, or accident you are setting yourself up for a huge disappointment, your child is unique like it or not and doctors, as much as I respect them; don't know everything, at the end of the day if you feel better about things keep on counting!
          Hey You are on your way! Blessings to you and your family!
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