Safe cleaners to use around little ones... and a kitty cat warning

There are lots of cleaners that are safe to use around your little ones!

Here are just a few of my favorites...

White vinegar! You can buy a big gallon jug meant for cleaning for super cheap and you can use it for just about everything. It works on floors, counters, toilets.... Just about any hard surface except wood. And I'd probably avoid leather too. For ultra tough stains, add baking soda first. You can make it a paste or just sprinkle it on... It can scour just like Comet bleach powder. Then.. Spritz it with vinegar and it's like super Scrubbing Bubbles.

I like to keep some in a spray bottle at all times. I also keep another bottle that's part Blue Dawn part vinegar. Cuts through kitchen grease like nothing else I've used. It works great in the shower and tub too... I like to keep a refillable dish brush/sponge (the kind where you put the cleaner in the handle) in the shower with this mixture. Then, just scrub a section while you shower. Hello, timesaver.

Some moms here have mentioned you can use essential oils too in the vinegar if you don't like the smell. My only thought with this is be careful that baby isn't allergic to the oil, and be careful around CATS. Lots of essential oils are toxic to our feline friends, so use with caution. Google should have a good list of which are harmful and which are safe. Keep this in mind with candles too, especially some of the newer ones that have lavender oil and such in them.

As for wood and leather, olive oil (or virgin coconut if you like the smell!) and lemon juice works just as well as Pledge, but none of the chemicals. Keeps wood and leather clean, shiny, and dust free, and baby could literally eat it. (Although, isn't there a thing where you're supposed to avoid citrus in the beginning? I don't think you're actually going to let them eat the bottle of cleaner though, so I imagine a tiny bit of residue would probably be okay, right?)

I know you other ladies out there have favorite cleaners that you've used around your little ones!

Which ones were the safest? Do you like to make your own or buy? What are good, safe brands for cleaning around little ones?

By the way... Can you use normal laundry detergent for baby clothes or do you have to get the free and clear kind?

If you stuck with normal cleaners... how did you keep them out of reach of baby?

Moms Expertise
    White Vinegar is great! We use it all the time! It is a wonderous natural cleaner and will not hurt anyone!
      Melissa Middleton
      We use ALL free & clear. I've tried other detergents (free and clear ones) but they caused skin irritants on my son. I use vinegar and baking soda for cleaning his stuff.
        Amanda Hurley
        I use the cheapest free and clear kind I can find. I also use Walmart's free and clear dryer sheets. I am with you on the vinegar. Its super cheap and works really well.
        Neat! I'll have to try that! I'm a lazy veggie rinser... I hardly even scrub of the dirt, lol, just run it under the water for a second. Maybe not so healthy, haha.
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