Yes! A short period could mean pregnancy... Sort of.

Can a short period mean pregnancy or ovulation

A short period could certainly mean pregnancy or ovulation... well, sort of. I've heard of women who say they bleed a little during ovulation, but never anything comparable to a period. But as for pregnancy... I've known of a LOT of women who got a 'short period.'

If you have a short, light period about a week ahead of schedule, this could quite possibly be implantation bleeding! Some women only get a pink tinged toilet paper once after implantation, some get no blood, others get something closer to a full blown period! So, yes... There is a chance that if you're bleeding, you might be pregnant.

Even aside from implantation bleeding, some women get a pseudo-period for the first few months, some for the entire pregnancy. There are even ladies on who this has happened to.

I also read somewhere on here of a lady who had and actual period during pregnancy because she was still ovulating. Apparently her periods continued and then her partner fertilized ANOTHER egg WHILE SHE WAS PREGNANT. I thought that was nuts. I can't remember for the life of me who said this here (I've got to get better at this name thing) but if you read it, please tell us the whole story!

Bodies are weird.

Aaaand, of course it could be nothing but a short, weird period. Hormones do crazy things sometimes.

Have you had anything like a short period that was actually ovulation, implantation, or pregnancy?

If you did have implantation bleeding, was it just a spot, light, heavy? How long did it last for you?

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    This is great to know! I do not think I had implantation bleeding ... I was not that aware of my pregnancies in the wee beginnings to tell if it was a period or implantation bleeding...
      Amanda Hurley
      I had a full blown period with Jasmine. I didn't have anything with Makenzie or Connor. With Grahm, I bled for a day. Its amazing how our bodies work.
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