School uniforms...thumbs UP!

i went to private school my entire educational career ( given the exception of graduate school). let me tell you... wearing a uniform was SO easy ... yes it lends to conformity and might stifle individuality BUT it is so easy to get dressed in the AM ... you do not have to fuss about what you wear or if something goes with something else... you have a prescribed wardrobe and it must be adhered made life so much easier for me!

I wish my children had to wear uniforms in school it would make our morning clothing hustle that much easier!

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    Melissa Middleton
    I agree; that was my input as well. Sadly, many children form clicks due to what another child is wearing.
      I wouldn't mind uniforms for my kids however, I know that would never happen at their rural school. But I would like to see a better dress code policy enforced. Especially at the junior and high school levels. There have been excuses by students that they don't have the money to purchase a cami or a different shirt to wear under the backless or half t-shirt. I find that bs because the fasion shirt that they are wearing would cost at least $14.99 and so they need to be held accountable to make better/responsible choices
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