Beach or Pool???

As summer weather starts to arrive does the decision of going to the beach or the pool for us! We take swimming lessons at the YMCA and swim there too...although it is an indoor pool. For outdoor swimming we usually go to the beach! We do like my sisters beach better than the public beach because her lake has 2 aerators and it seems much cleaner than our local public beach. My children got swimmers itch last year at the public beach...and have never gotten it from my sisters lake!

What about you where do you like to swim in the summer???

Oh and I guess for those of you in coastal cities I should add Ocean (ah my dream)

    Melissa Middleton
    I have a fear of germs, so swimming in a public pool is out of the question for me, especially this one year when I saw a man spitting in the pool--it was so disgusting. That did it for me. And then I start wondering if the people in there bathe or not. Lol
      Both pools and beaches are great and I plan on going to both, the pool more often.
        I am here near Chicago and although the shoreline is quite lovely they always have to close the beaches every other day because of some bacteria, ecoli usually, I hardly ever enter the water, I also use the pool at the Y, but I prefer the beach because it's just plain beautiful.
          4Maren West
          My family and I love swimming In our pool.
            Both!!! We live about 20 mintues from the nearest beach (Ocean... we just call it the beach), and about 30 from a lake. I love taking the kids to the lake because it's calmer and with 3 young children I get nervous at the beach because of the waves. We also really like going to the pool :) :)

            Mine just started swimming lessons today at the pool, so maybe next year I won't be as anxious about the ocean... but probably I still will be ;)
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