Second baby

people am curious about when people say after you have had one kid adding another is not a big deal.Is this true?Did you ever have problems breastfeeding new baby and keeping older child occupied? As the baby gets older do you have them have same nap time or let them stick to their own schedules?Tips and advices from those who have experienced these stages.

    My oldest daughter was two when I had Chevie. It was both easy and difficult. Easy was the breast feeding, we would all hang out together in the living room, and i would simply use a blanket to cover up during feedings. When she asked what I was doing, I would tell her i was feeding her sister and she never asked anything more about it. The difficult part was teaching her what she could and could not do with her younger sibling. When Develen was born, Blaire was 3, and Chevie was 1. Blaire at this point understood and helps me with both kids, and it isnt very difficult other than Chevie is at the age where she gets into everything so chasing her while feeding develen is a challenge and they are jealous and she and develen fight for my attention.. But every kid is different and the jealousy thing is partly my fault- i spoiled chevie during my pregnancy
      It's both.. lol.. It's not easy but it's also not as hard as you think it will be.. It's really comes down to time management..

      My daughter was 2 1/2 years after her brother - he was full on toddler at this time.. and I made sure that he knew that SHE was joining US.. I made sure that his world and routine didn't change much.. and that anything that DID change I never "blamed" on the baby..

      AS for nursing.. I made it a special time for him too.. not separate.. He knew that when it was time to nurse her, he would go and pick out a few books and cuddle up next to me as I nursed and it was a special reading time for him - also gave him "jobs" - whether it was in charge of the wipes or wiping her mouth with a cloth or grabbing the diaper and powder, I included him on everything..

      AS for naps.. she slept more than he did obviously, but the mid day nap.. they both went down.. her first - then him and that was our special time laying and reading together.. it didn't always work out perfectly, but we tried..

      The snuggly is your friend.. I had my daughter strapped to me at all times when we would go out and play or to the park..

      The toughest part is when he's needy and she's crying and they both need food.. there ar those moments of AHHHHHH... but it happens.. and you rally.. My kids are 7 and 9 and we STILL have those moments..

      So.. it's challenging at times.. and it's not easy, it's just more of the same..
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