Do I need to keep everything?

So my son got Easter baskets from both sets of grandparents. Is it bad for me to get rid of the baskets? How do you handle all the things your kids are given, do you keep it all or do you get rid of something's almost as soon as you get them?

    We used our extra baskets for toy storage, they worked great on the shelf.

    I try not to get rid of gifts if possible. Try to re-purpose them or use them as gifts for someone else.
      I keep things for a little while- long enough for them to play with, then toss em. unless, i can figure out a way to incorporate it into their bedrooms. One of the easter baskets my kids got are really cute with their names on them that i will use for small things in their bedroom
        Oh Stacy Koenen- I feel your pain.. lol.. my kids get so much stuff for so many various holidays.. from Saint Patricks.. to Valentines.. etc.. It's exhausting.. and annoying.. I have a big storage bucket labeled by month.. some months I don't have.. but months/holidays like Halloween, etc.. and the Easter bucket has some plastic eggs in there.. left over bubbles.. baskets.. bunny ears.. etc.. Lights that I put up and some decorations that held up.. not paper.. But every year it seems that they DO get new baskets.. from everywhere.. so.. no.. If they're cute or pretty, I can use them some times to put towels in or my daughters barbie clothes, etc.. or books.. I have an old easter basket that holds our toilet paper in the bathroom now.. it's lovely..

        But the not pretty ones.. or the cheap ones.. or the ones I just don't like.. NO.. I feel guilty a little but it passes.. :)
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