Bah Humbug! Mothers Day "Dress up".. Phooey...

My daughter's first grade class is having a mother's day breakfast tomorrow morning.. it's awesome.. I did it with my son and my step son.. We go in and they have chairs set up and our kids "wait" on us for 30 minutes.. bringing us coffee and muffins and give us a card they made.. and it's super sweet and I usually cry.. Cause I'm stupid mushy like that (contrary to my raunchy sense of humor I'm actually pretty gooey in the middle)...

Anywho... SO.. we get the reminder last night and it says that we need to put on our best.. to dress up.. so we can take pictures..

Record scratch.. whaaaaatttt? Man... At 8:30 in the morning I can only be responsible for lunches, getting my kids dressed appropriately and putting on a baseball cap and shoes... Dress up?

That's no mother's day gift.. lol.. thats' MORE WORK!!!! I think it should have been a PJ/ROBE breakfast..

BUT... Of course I will rally and make my daughter proud.. and I'm sure I'll cry.. as usual.. and I won't wear white as my daughter is a little klutzy like I can be. and if she's bring me coffee.. rah roh...

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