Older Kids Chewing On Things...

Around Kinder ... both my kids started chewing on things.. action figure heads, their clothes sleeves, my son even would chew on his fingers and it drove me NUTS.. and just as I'm trying to figure out what's happening, I realized that he was teething! At 5 and 6.. He was getting his molars.. and I would imagine (now that I know).. that the chewing was a product of that..

My daughter is 7.. and has been doing it here and there.. specifically with her sleeves on her clothes.. gross.. or I'll look over at night when they're watching their TV and see her gnawing on the corner of the pillow.. and she's not really aware.. Because when I ask her to stop she sort of looks at me like, "stop what?".. then OH...

And sure enough.. she's getting her back molars..

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