Calling All Florida Mommies!

And really just about anyone who's experienced moving out of state by themselves or with their SO.

I'm not sure if I've voiced this or not yet but I do plan on relocating to Florida before my daughter starts grade school. (I probably won't be doing preschool). I have already made the decision to have her go through k12, online public schooling. I will more than likely have her attend 1st and possibly 2nd grade in a classroom setting at a public school just to get her started and then pull her out so finish her academics at home.

This probably won't be my first post about this subject because I'm going to need a lot of help/advice on this subject lol!

So to start out with, I live in Indiana. I've always lived in Indiana. I've never been to Florida but I have/had family who live(d) there and friends as well. I chose to go with Florida because after years of researching, it seems to be the most neutral state. There are states that are "better off" (financially, socially, etc.), but they are also in climates that I would not prefer lol. I'd like some place warmer for most of the year.

I've narrowed it down by research to 5 counties/areas that I want to visit but if any of you have ANY info on these areas (crime rates, schools, etc.), I'd love any feedback so I can make the best choices!

Kissimmee (Osceola County)
Orlando (Orange County)
Labelle (Hendry County)
Lakeland (Polk County)
Thonotonassa (Hillsborough County)

    HI Dale Polley I have zero information on your towns - lol.. BUT I have moved a few times with my kiddos.. a couple times with my ex and a few with just myself and my kiddos.. and we made it through.. relocating your life is hard but so much fun and I think it's so great that you're doing your research on where to go..

    I'm west coast, but if you need any help or questions on how to adjust your kids.. lemme know.. I may not always be right, but I made it through many big changes and my kids are amaze balls!
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