Dream Feeding

Hi Ladies!
Just started this week trying out the dream feeding night time routine. So far it hasn't made much of a difference in Jayson's sleeping pattern, but since I'm a bit late in the game it DOES say that it can take a week or so to get them used to it.
Just wondering if anyone else uses this method and was it successful for you?

    I tried it to.. Sheilait's when you try to keep your baby asleep for longer and you go in before you go to bed before they wake, while they're asleep and nurse them.. They rarely wake up alert, they do nurse while still asleep, it's pretty cute.

    But for me and many others.. it didn't change my kids waking up anyway.. at their usual time.. they seemed to just get an extra feeding for free . lol...

    My personal opinion... is that it doesn't work.. their little baby clock is already timed and they will wake out of habit no matter what.. not necessarily for hunger..

    So, what I did.. when I weaned them of that middle of the night feeding, is I went in, but didn't nurse .. and found other ways to soothe, rock or pacifier.. but be sure they're not hungry.. it wasn't until my kids were about 6months and I was certain they could go without that feeding..
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    Sheila Jessica explained it well. It's basically where when you come to bed you feed them a bottle (or breastfeed) while they're sleeping. The theory is that they will then have a full tummy again and will sleep longer before waking up for another night feeding.
    So far he is just waking up as normal. If it doesn't make a difference after a week Jessica Garvin I think my next plan of attack will be to provide a pacifier if he wakes in the night, and if that doesn't soothe him back to sleep (sometimes it does) then I will try rocking and if THAT doesn't work then feed him as a last resort!
    Thanks for letting me know how it worked for you. So many people rave about it that I thought it was worth trying. I'm so tired since he's waking up at least 5 times a night.
      Avery naturally did a dream feeding until she was about 3-4months old. We'd put her to bed around 7:30 and then she'd fuss a little at 10:00. I'd quietly nurse her and she'd stay asleep - Then we'd go to bed. She dropped it naturally by not fussing at that time or refusing to nurse if I did go in and grab her.

      I don't think it helps with sleeping longer. It's just something you have to do if the baby asks for it.
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