Ew Ew Ew! JUST when I thought we were a clean home!

We have an area rug.. sort of shaggy that's next to our couch under our coffee table.. and I vacuum over it every few days when I vacuum.. and I assumed it was pretty clean.. I mean as clean as you can get with two kids.. and I went to wash it yesterday and shook it out.. and OMG.. the amount of crumbs that flew off.. I was mortified..

    I know how you feel. I can clean my apartment that my husband and I share with my mom and I have my daughters toys here in the living room and I can pick them up and have the living room vacuumed and clean and the next minute I turn around and the toys are all over the living room floor again
      I know I can clean and clean the living room, kitchen and even my room and I can turn around and its dirty again from either the girls messing up the living room and the bedroom especially my husband helps in making a mess in the bedroom and in the kitchen when he and my mom both come home from work the make a dirt trail in the kitchen its like what can you do
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