When one of your good friends becomes someone you don't like anymore..

I think I've posted about her before.. We have been friends for 5 years now.. our kids were in kinder together.. and though she had a way of rubbing me the wrong way, we were close.. and spent a lot of time hanign out with the kids and doing things..

About a year ago.. her third child.. was a year and he was just an A hole of a kid.. he hit everyone, whined, was mean and awful and she never did a THING about it.. my kids didn't want to hang out anymore.. and life happened and we just weren't that close anymore.. but now when I see her, I get these passive aggressive comments .. and though she thinks she's joking, I know better.. she's taking jabs.. And in all honesty I don't care that much.. BUT.. I know she feels that I DID something.. when in truth.. it was her.. her comments, her kid, her way.. the way she talked about people, her taking and pif my FB posts personally and I just don't like her anymore.. She s rude and narcissistic and I don't want anything to do with her.. People grow apart.

But now.. as much as I can be nice and when I see her I'm always warm and asking about her and saying hello.. but she never asks about me or my kids or anything.. and makes comments like, "what are you doing with all your free time with both kids in after school care?"

Um. I'm sorry? Free time? I'm working.. my tush off to support my two kids alone.. My kids dad moved to NY two years ago and since then, she's never shown any respect or empathy when I have to work extra jobs or can't go out for girls night.. I don't need someone to think poor me or anything close, I'm great.. I got this, but a little understanding and acknowledgement that I don't have any help would be nice.. She's got a husband that works PT and her [parents live in their back house..

I just don't like her anymore..

    Kim HaidukeSheilaAgreed. And I have.. I too try and stay positive and drama free. I will always be kind and warm and thoughtful, but not to take any crappy comments back. I don't see her often .. I just happened to see her yesterday and I was nice and she was cordial and it was awkward, but I feel strongly that I am in the right and have done nothing wrong but stay focused and keep things good in my life.

    PLUS... I'm the type of person, that if she had a problem with me or thought something was wrong, then you need to come to me and talk to me about it.. I would have been happy to talk to her, but I'm not going to chase someone down to talk to them when THEY were the rude ones..

    She made a comment about a month ago.. I saw her briefly at pick up and we did the surface nice chit chat and she said, "I sense some distance between us".. but it wasn't a question, it was a statement. and I said, "You do?".. I was very nice and open and she just shrugged and moved on.. so I'm over it.. If someone really and truly cares about you, then they will make sure they're in front of you and work it out.. She got a high school sense about her.. I've seen her stab her own sister in her back.. Just gross.

    Anywhosky.. Moving on,, just needed to vent.. thank you:)
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