Get pregnant day after period: is it possible

Anytime you have sex it is possible to get pregnant. It is very unlikely that you would get pregnant the day after your period but it is possible. Usually you will ovulate around 14 days after your period. Some women will ovulate sooner or later. Some women have very unpredictable cycles and can ovulate at anytime. If you are trying to avoid pregnancy there is no safe time to have unprotected sex.

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8Theresa Gould
Yeah, that's my thought too. At least personally I know chances are slim because my cycle is like clock work.
    Amanda Muir
    As the other ladies said, this would be very rare. The only time it would be more likely is if you had a very long cycle - like 10 days and then ovulated on day 11 which is a bit on the early side, but can be normal for many women.
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