It's raining in sheets right now!

Of course, right after I post about Bug-Out bags a huge thunderstorm hits and there's a tornado watch in our area. It's raining so hard that I literally can't see out my window as I type. I can't believe Avery is napping through this! It's so LOUD!

The first few storms of the season always freak me out. It's like I can't remember what a normal thunderstorm storm is verses a get-to-the-basement-now storm. My poor cat is freaking out right now too :(

Do your kids get scared of storms? how do you help them through it. Did they eventually grow out of it?

    Amanda Hurley
    Be safe.
      Stay safe Taylor!! Are tornadoes common in Minnesota? My kids aren't usually scared of thunderstorms unless they are in the middle of the night and wake them up... then they are scared but usually calm down quickly.
        8Theresa Gould
        My husband is a real weather guy, not extreme, but he watches the sky and has taught the children to do the same. So most of mine take storms with a grain of salt and are usually watching out the window while it's happening.
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