As a preschool teacher myself....

....I think preschool is both fundamental and fun all around. It helps with learning social behavior and for children that are only's and don't have much outside contact with other children and people different than mom or dad this is a big plus and gets them ready for life situations that teaches them how to be helpful and how to share and be apart of a team. Preschool also helps those shy children come out of their shells and those overly dramatic children learn that its not all about me...sometimes its about Tommy, Jenny, Carry and Beau too!

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    I really like sending my older two to preschool. It gives me a little bit of a break, helps socialize them, and also puts them in a better mood when they get home since it's not just me giving them direction the entire day every day.
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      Good advice for those who choose to send their children to preschool.
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