Pack it up!

Next week Hayden and I are headed to Florida for work... I am so OCD about packing I'm starting now... and trying to decide if I should make meals and freeze them for Daddy and big kids or leave them to figure it out themselves. Do you travel without kids ever? What do you do to prepare them/the house/whoever is staying with them?

BethSummerville, South Carolina
    I am traveling in a few weeks and I have already started packing. I am taking all of the kids with me and my husband can fend for himself at home. I am packing early so hopefully I have time to remember anything I might forget.
      Amanda Muir
      I like to get an early start on packing too. That way you can look at it and either add to it or take some out if you need.
      There is NO chance I would make meals for hubby. lol. I grocery shop when I'm going away so he has options but that's about it!
        8Theresa Gould
        I really haven't traveled with our children staying somewhere else when I have traveled alone.
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