Time out for a 1 year old.

no! For a multitude of reasons.
1. They do not understand cause and effect yet. Without that understanding, which doesn't develop fully until around 3, it doesn't really do much.
2. A child has temper tantrums because their prefrontal cortex is under developed and they run mostly on impulse. They have no idea how to control their emotions, they don't even know what emotions are. All time out does is maybe teach them that the behaviour is wrong, it doesn't teach the most important thing which I teaching them how to behave instead. When a child throw a tantrum you should redirect. If they won't be redirected sit beside them and start breathing loudly. Or anything really that is a method to calm down. We really can't expect our children to control their emotions unless we teach them how.

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    8Theresa Gould
    Good advice.
      We used redirection or "time ins" where the child and a parent would sit together in a quiet spot until the child calmed down.
        I disagree. But also depends on the type of time out. Needs to be tailored to their age. Immediate removal from the situation with a firm "we don't..." And even if it lasts 30 seconds they learn immediate consequences.
        However a full traditional time out at 1 is not going to work as you said.
        But I firmly believe in mini ones.
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