Toddlers not eating any vegetables: what can I do?

We've always required our children to at least try new things. One bite for every year of their age. My husband reminded me that for some of them we would sit with them until they ate it. It's time consuming at the time but worth it in the end.

We offer dips (yogurt, salad dressing, peanut butter, etc).

We always tried to have salad and the little ones get the "crunchies" making it new and fun.

We cut the veggies into sticks, making them a finger food and easier to eat.

I am fortunate to not have experienced this issue as much with the younger children because they see their older siblings, my husband and I eating veggies with no problems. We even have young children who eat mustard and relish!

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    Mason is the pickiest of picky eaters. We find if we just keep offering he would eventually start to like many of the foods he originally said he didn't like. We insist on a "No Thank You bite" of everything on their plates and if they take that bite, they don't have to eat the rest.

    I also bought the cookbook Deceptively Delicious. It has lots of recipes that hide veggies into foods that look/taste like something you wouldn't normally associate veggies with (meatballs, cake, muffins, spaghetti sauce, etc). I loved the idea, but wasn't overly impressed with the amount of veggies in the recipes. Still good if you have no other option though :)
      Amy Phroper
      We do the bite rule here as well. With my first I would puree them and add them to sauces and she would devour them. Now she eats every vegetable except peas with out them having to be hidden in her food.
        off them like chicken salad, cause my daughters don't eat vegetables either and what I always do is something like chicken salad. All I put into it is cooked chicken that I have shredded, black beans from the can which I rinse first, and 2 or 3 cans of mixed vegies and my eldest daughter who wont even touch vegetables here a home eats them like that.
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