At what age can children be left home unsupervised

I would check your state laws first as it varies from state to state. Once you've done that it is at your discretion as to when you think your child is emotionally ready as well as if they are responsible enough to handle being left home alone. Every child will be different. We waited a long time before we left our children alone, not because they were not responsible but I wasn't sure if they were emotionally ready and I needed to be sure they were. Just call me overly cautious.

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We don't leave ours overnight either and our oldest is now 17. I don't think we can until we have an 18 year old in the house, if I remember our state law correctly. It's been awhile since I looked.
    I honestly believe that it all depends on the maturity of the child and how emotionally ready they are. I was 12 when I first started watching my sisters at night, but they were normally in bed already when my parents left. However, my younger sister who is 23 I probably wouldn't leave Bailey with alone because she's just mature enough to be left alone. Just make your best judgment. Trust your gut instinct, or mommy intuition, because it's normally right.
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        Young enough so that when you leave, the baby don't know that you are gone which is just after birth, and old enough that when you leave they don't want to follow you or leave the house anyway, which is usually mid-teens! (JUST KIDDING!) so- Serious! If you have to check with your state laws, then maybe you should not be leaving them home alone, I grew up in the 70s back then all of the threats and challenges that we have today still existed, I guess parents just did not live in such fear back then, there were four of us, My sister who was 5 years older than I and my brother were the supervisors and they ruled liked tyrants she and my brother did what they had to do as far as not opening the door staying off the phone and keeping the stove off! We lived! Our mother was such a strong mother figure that she and my dad just earned that kind of respect from us, I believe that every now and again it is not a bad idea to put your child in situations where they can utilize the things that they are being taught, build trust because after all we want our children to not only survive, but to LIVE and THRIVE, and you can't do that by creating an environment where they only can do well if everything is under such control, Once again as I always say by quote! "They have been raised up for such a time as this!
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