Baby cereal in the bottle, yes or no?

There are very rare instances when your pediatrician may suggest cereal in the baby bottle, but generally this is something you should avoid. baby cereal isn't for nutrients to begin with, it is to help babies learn how to work their tongue. The reflex movement of the tongue is to push out, not pull in due to the way the tongue works while bottle or breast feeding. I'm sure you have noticed when you first start feeding a baby cereal it mostly ends up on them, this is why. Eventually they learn to work the tongue so that food gets eaten instead of pushed out. Other than that, baby cereal has no real value to the baby's daily intake.

Also, babies who have cereal in their bottle may be at risk for being overweight due to higher caloric intake.

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    8Theresa Gould
    Yeah, we didn't use bottles very much so this really didn't come up for us. Good information to know though!
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