This finding work from home employment has been a nightmare!

There are scams left and right and as for others, just downright confusing!!! I need to make money now, other than selling avon, because my current job is one conversation away from insanity!!! I have no idea what to do. I have school providing plenty of stress in my life and my kids are the ONLY thing keeping me above water. >.<​

Norma GilbertLiberty, Missouri
    It sucks I hear that but once you find that perfect job it is so worth it. I have been working from home for over 7 years, and I just now found a job that will put us where we need to be financially. I would definitely get as many eggs in your basket as much as possible because you never know when one of your contracts will end I have burned by that more than once.
      You will find 'the one!' Yeah, there is some crap to wade through on the scam front, but once you get a good one, they keep flowing in, promise. Network, network, network! It'll be worth it if you stick to it! Have you thought about starting something yourself? There are a lot of things you can start for cheap while you're searching that may just turn into a little mini-empire over time!
        You don't have to look further than here trust me. It's legit you can run it through you'll see it on here is my website Http:// You can live the lifestyle you want and most importantly for your babies.
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