Bigger kids around your younger kids. Pros and cons.

So there's something to be said for kids being around older kids... Behavior wise they can follow and see what's acceptable. Like taking shoes off at the door, washing hands, using manners.
But then bigger kids vocabulary can be bigger. And sometimes super inappropriate for a younger kid. Lol.
One if my good friends son spends time at a home with his buddy who has two tween sisters. And they've showed him Miley Cyrus videos and MTV. So now when he comes over he tells me that my snacks aren't sexy.
It's hilarious and super wrong. Lol.
It's tough to control another child's vocabulary. When I said nicely "lets not use that word just yet"... My daughter asked me what it means. I told her but it was a tough one.
I just said it was a grown up word to describe a grown up. But not a bad word.
Other things my daughters friend is exposed to also having older sisters. Boy talk and music and teen nick.
She's a sweet girl and I love the whole family but I don't want my daughter over there watching 15 year olds kiss on a show. It's just too soon. She's 7.
But it's tough asking the mom when she plays there if she would make sure they don't watch it.

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