Star Wars? Harry potter? Hunger games? What age for you!?

My son has an older brother. When my son was little his brother (half) was 4 years older. So my son was watching or exposed to Star Wars and Harry potter by the time he was 3...
Never had a problem. Ever.
Until he got to kinder and all the moms with their first going to kinder hadnt allowed their kids to see it and were shocked that I had.
But it wasn't a big deal in my mind. My son didn't have any violent issues because of it. Lol
What's your thoughts? My daughter grew up with Star Wars too. Very early. At birth it seems. Neither if them are violent or fearful or more mature then necessary or scarred. (Yet. Lol. Therapy could be later)

    I was exposed to everything pretty young too. Star Wars/Trek, Jurassic Park, Harry Potters and on and on lol. I don't see a problem with it. I don't think they're anything bad. My little brother however started acting out aggressively and like violent movies at a young age, a little too much and my parents had to stop allowing him to watch. I think it really depends on how the kid reacts to the movies.
      Amanda Hurley
      I think it's fine. My daughter, who is in Kindergarten, watches Grey's Anatomy, CSI, NCIS and shows similar to it. We do not watch Harry Potter, but she has seen all of the Star Wars movies and even Lord of the Rings. I guess it depends on the kid.
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