Santa forget kids :(

My little guy is 6 and has already asked if Santa is real. Some little kid at school said that he is not real since he never gets any presents :( I felt so bad but tried to assure my little guy that Santa is real and that he tries to get to every little boy and girl all around the world. I reminded him about when we track Santa via NORAD and he sees all of the countires and states Santa has to stop at.

my little guy said he will write and remind Santa about his friend this year :(

    Kat Mahoney
    My kids did that one time, but thats when we start to ensure that the holidays are not just about santa, its about how much you can help those less fortunate as well. When my kids were younger, I reminded my kids that sometimes santa cannot be everywhere and he depends on people like us to help him, that santa exists in your heart too ... the more you give, the more he shines. Now since my children are older and know the historical meaning behind Santa, each year my children make an effort to give to those less fortunate because it makes them feel good to give and help, they FEEL like santa, and thats what the whole meaning of Santa is about. =D
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