Super Shiny Hair

If any of you ladies out there have dry hair, you've got to take yourself to Wal-Mart ASAP. They have those gift packages of body goods right now and there's a Garnier Fructisse one for $10. It's got shampoo, conditioner, a three-minute super conditioner, and dry oil for your hair and body all in full size for only ten bucks! They have a whole bunch of options, but this is the one with the orangey-yellow bottles.

I got it to try to get my hair healthy looking for the Marine Corps Ball, and oh man does it work! The dry oil works great on freshly shaved legs too, and I normally have super sensitive skin. ​

Great 10 dollar investment, if I do say so myself.

    8Theresa Gould
    It sounds like it worked great, thanks!
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      8Theresa Gould
      We have coconut oil....I think I'll connive (nicely of course) one of my girls to try it first! ;)
      Oooh, I have done this and LOVE it too.

      Mayo done about the same way will also work wonders, though it smells funny while it's settling in.

      Another thing with coconut oil if you haven't tried it- Coconut oil, sugar, fresh citrus juice if you have it, and whatever smell you like it you want it (vanilla, peppermint, etc)....

      Slather on legs, scrub like crazy. Shave legs. Slather on legs and scrub like crazy again. Softest. Legs. Ever. Be prepared though, especially if it's winter, for a gunky bathtub because holy cow does this remove a lot of dead skin.
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