Kids should be born potty trained

anyone have any tips on potty training twin 2 year old boys....

    I have come to learn that when I go to the bath room ask them if they have to go. They will come an an give it a shot but won't go . For a while my one kid would but then now he seems to not go anymore. Cheerios don't work for them if you put cheerios or toilet paper in there first thing they do is flush lol. So I started today with food coloring telling them if they pee in the water it turns the water blue so we will see if this helps.
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      Sorry haven't been on in a while. The food coloring didn't work for them. What did work was one day when I was at my aunts house. My cousin wrapped one of my boys up in his his blanket . So I started joking with them saying there was pee on the blanket. So my cousin started talking to my kids asking them if they pee the bed. Then he proceeded to tell them to go on the potty and he will give them a dollar. They both went in the bathroom and peed an got a dollar. Next day they both were in and out of the bathroom. And have been going ever since. Only problem is my one little one won't poop on the potty so that is still a working process
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