Work after Labor

Hello Everyone -- hope all is well. Curious what your thoughts:

Since we moved to Portland halfway through our pregnancy, I left my job behind. I love being home with Miss Myrtle Ray (just 3 months old) and am currently paving a path that allows me to stay home and have an income (work in progress -- I am excited about it!). In the meantime, I am applying to serving jobs, barista positions and some that apply the my past career life. My questions are:

1. Do you think having a family sways employers decisions on hiring or not? (I know it is not legally supposed to, but we are only human.)
2. Do you think you should not share your family status with employers in interviews/in conversation?

My partner thought maybe me sharing my excitement being a new mom might actually be hindering my chances at actually being hired if the decision were between me and someone else. (Availability, illness with children, etc.)

3. Those who went back to their jobs, have you found it to be different now that you are a mom and partner, not just part of a pair? (A pair that can individually take care of themselves.)

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      8Theresa Gould
      I agree with Kim on this too, though I've never been very good at not offering extra information, but I bet it's because of that extra information I wasn't hired.
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