sooo... my sex life

is non-existent.....
idk but after i had Kado, i just dont want to. its not that im never in the mood. just onc we finally get together im not. idk what to do. cuz he wants to and i dont.
im afraid that by doing it i feel like thats the only reason he looks forward to seeing me.
and if i dont, i feel bad for expecting so much from him for nothing.

of course he wouldnt say i was right in any scenario.

im just frustrated cuz hes frustrated lol

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      I'm going through the same thing at the moment, I just feel so unsexy and when he is in the mood I'm not and when I'm he i exhausted from work!
        I have been thinking about making a romantic get away or maybe getting a few romantic items for the house to maybe set the mood. Maybe that will work and he will see I'm not giving up in that department lol
          I felt the same after Jayson was born. It was like my sex drive just disappeared completely and I felt bad for my husband but I seriously just had no interest in it. I'd rather sleep. But I read a lot about it, because I was starting to get worried that it wasn't coming back and from some of what I read it says the more sex you have the more it will come back so now I'm making time for it and I'm feeling a lot more like my old self again!
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