Korean Dol, A 1st Birthday Tradition

In Korea, reaching your first birthday is a big deal so there is a very traditional party/ceremony everyone does. Since Avery is half Korean we're going to incorporate her Doljabi ceremony in with her birthday party.

We're doing her party outside at a local park so we'll do the normal balloons, cake, lawn games, and picnic food. We're also doing a video slideshow of her first year.

In the middle of the party we're going to change avery into her tradition Han Bok (Korean dress) and do her doljabi. A doljabi is when several items are placed infront of the baby and they pick whichever one they like. Each object represents a different skill or future path. Supposedly, whatever they pick will predict their future. There is also a raffle where guests try to predict what the baby will pick. If they're right and we draw their name they will win a prize. We will also have some traditional korean food and decorations for this part of the party.

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