What do your children read?

Parents and libraries really push kids to read, but do you want your children to read just anything? I've seen and heard about some of the books that kids have to read for school, and I've heard lots of objections to the required reading list. My kids go to a public school, and fortunately I've never found anything really horrible in their reading material. I worked at a public library for 6 years and was surprised by some of the young adult books. Now we have kids shooting their parents and classmates, kidnapping, etc., etc., and I have to wonder if it's because Mom and Dad weren't around in their formative years or if it's because they saw something "cool" like this in a movie or read it in a book. I've been writing fiction novels for a few years now, and I've written one young adult novel. I tried to emphasize some good values in it. Maybe a teenager will read it and think that's a good way to behave.

    It's great that you're writing an appropriate book! I think reading is like any other form of entertainment - it needs to be monitored and deemed appropriate for each child. Some kids can handle more mature subject matter and other's can't. You need to figure out what's best for your child.

    I think people automatically assume that if it's in a book it's good for you because you're reading. You could write out an entire R rated movie and put it in book form, but that doesn't make it any less raunchy.
      I think parent's need to be aware of what their kids read, for sure. A friend of mine posted a page of a book her kid has to read in school that has some stuff I don't agree with. I won't bring it up here because the content doesn't matter, but if Charlie came home with that book I'd have a serious talk with the board. He's not going to be forced to read things that are made of opinion while he's in school.

      Of course, if it's recreational reading that's a different story.
        Months ago I heard about a little girl who'd gone missing. Mom worked third shift. When she got home, she woke her daughter up and got her off to school and then went to bed. She didn't realize that her daughter was missing until about 3:00 when she woke up and found a message from the school on her answering machine. As it turns out, two teenaged boys in the neighborhood kidnapped her and killed her. It was so sad. They really had no motive. They just did it. So sad for that mother! I've seen movies and read books in which people get away with illegal acts. I think it really does have an impact on kids because it's always presented as cool. I think kids need to start reading stories about teens who decided not to drink, not to get into drugs, etc.
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