Normalizing Breastfeeding

I want to start off by saying I really don't care if you formula feed or breast feed. It's personal decision and it isn't always up to you anyway. As long as your feeding your baby your doing a good job.

That said, nobody looks down on moms giving their baby a bottle in public. Moms who bottle feed don't think twice about being out and about during a feeding time because they can just bring a bottle. Moms who nurse aren't so lucky.

Our society had made breasfeeding into a big deal. It's not. It's just feeding a baby, but I'm as guilty as everyone else of over thinking it. I can't deny that I plan outings around nursing schedules. If we're going somewhere that I can't find a private place to nurse I'll try to go later or earlier. Or not go at all. It's frustrating, but I figured it was just a part of motherhood. Until I realized that my formula-feeding friends don't have that particular struggle. Women in other countries who breastfeed don't struggle either. Very few people in those countries would look twice at a breastfeeding mother, covered or not. Why are we so sensitive to it? Why am I so sensitive about nursing in public, even with a cover? When did I get brainwashed into not only thinking that my breastfeeding will make those around me uncomfortable but that their being uncomfortable is MY problem. It's not. Why can't I let it go and just feed my baby? It's not like I'm gonna be sitting there topless and the baby covers up most of me. I try to use a cover if a can anyway. WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL?!

I really want to help normalize breastfeeding in the western world but I don't know where to start. Making a big deal out of not making a big deal of breastfeeding is a little counter intuitive.

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    That's so sad! I totally get what your saying though. I have a friend who is a hard core naturalist and is always posting anti-formula things. I hate it. Formula feeding is perfectly fine, just like breastfeeding!

    Did you ever feel uncomfortable giving Noah formula in public? Like people were judging you? I feel that way sometimes when I have to nurse in public and I can't find a private area.
      My honest feeling about this. People need to stop making such a big deal about all of it. About people doing it, about people making a big deal about it. We're all scrutinized for what and how we do everything with our kids. There is no "better". I'm a formula mama because I had to be. So while some moms are getting dirty looks because they're feeding in public, some of us are getting dirty looks for "poisoning our children." The quicker everyone learns to mind their business, the better off everyone will be on BOTH sides of the issue.

      In 10, 15, 20 years, it won't matter. Just do you! :)
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        I agree but I was one who nursed in the car or found a secluded spot if I was having a hard time letting down. Now I did nurse in public at times but so discreetly they didn't even know I was nursing because people would ask to hold the baby and until I told them I was nursing they didn't even know!
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