Best car seat convertible

I think we all have opinions about which is the best. My bf was in charge of this area because he saw the words "reinforced" and "steel".. so there was finally something that was in his court.

After reading a ton of reviews we went with the Radian RXT. Comes with a healthy price tag but the bf really liked what he read about the safety ratings of the seat. We also loved that it will accommodate Charlie until he weighs 120 lbs, so barring any accidents it's the only seat we'll ever have to buy. It's a big seat though, and heavy. So if you have to move it from one car to another I wouldn't recommend it. This one stays in the truck at all times so I don't have to deal with moving it.

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      Well here in oregon the kid has to be in some sort of booster or car seat until they are 8 years old or at least 4.9" tall so having a seat like that would be a bonus!
        There are SO many car seat options out there! i do like the convertible option because it would mean once price tag for all the years you have to have them in the seat ... instead of constantly buying new seats!
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