Cloth Diapers?

So I have been thinking that maybe I would like to try cloth diapers. I am wanting more of the kind that you can put in the washable inserts instead of having to change the diaper each time.

Since I am new to this idea I was wondering what anyone else has to say... I would like to know what kind, where you purchased them, how you liked them, and etc.! :)

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      I always liked the idea, but my husband wanted to use disposables, so we never tried them... Sorry I'm no help!
        I've read/heard good things about Best Bottom diapers. The "inserts" snap into the shell/cover. So you would only need a new cover if it got soiled from say a blowout, but otherwise just pull out the old and snap in a new insert.
        I haven't personally tried it as my husband was daunted by more than one style of diaper; we use Alva pockets.
          I bought one Charlie Banana (pocket style) and decided I liked it better than prefolds and covers. But, I wasn't sold on the $20-ish a piece, it's quality and you get what you pay for of course. My cousin recommended Alva Baby and after receiving 6 diapers and 12 inserts from amazon for $50-60 total, I was sold. I've some 30+ Alvas and I want more. I would have like to try more styles of diaper: AIO/AI2s, fitted, and so on, but if I want my Hubby co-operation it has to be simplistic.
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