Me and my daughter are going on vacation on the 30 with friends....its not anything big and its not anything expensive. We're going to the Great Wolf Lodge for a 2day one night deal in Grapevine Texas. Well i also wanted to stay a couple nights in a hotel and not come home till Tuesday morning. Now me and my friend have had this planned for months now (April) and she's now saying she doesn't want to stay that long because of financial reasons. So far she hasn't had to pay for anything. I paid for the Lodge when my income taxes came in and told her that she could split the hotel bill with me and bring the snacks and stuff as her contribution. She's also driving us down there (2hours) in her car. We've been really good friends for about a year now and she spends her money before she ever gets when she gets paid...she doesnt have any money left because she's paid back everyone she's borrowed money from. She never pays for anything. I know she's just expecting me to pay for 2 nights in the hotel for her and her 2 kids plus what ever excursions we go on...but if i wanted to be out that much money me and my daughter would have went on a cruise or to Disney world or something. Not to mention the whole reason we both wanted to go on a vacation together was to split the cost...its cheaper if both of us pay rather than one of us. questions are...does anyone know what there is to do in Dallas/FtWorth area for kids 2-7 years old that's fun and inexpensive? And Do i just let it slide and pay for everything or say forget it and just do the lodge and go home? I really want a good short vacation with my daughter as this is our first vacation as a family. (Aside from day trips and such) I know its small and just a weekend away and not a "REAL" vacation but I at least want to make it special by going and doing things she's not done before...kwim?

    Gosh, I wouldn't let her take advantage of you like that! I understand that your friendship is important, but it's not fair for you to have to put up that much money! I'm sorry, I don't know the area, but I do hope that you can find something to do!
      Ohhh Fuzz (Melissa) I wish i've never been to VA....that might be quite an adventure. I can't cancel the lodge I got a discount because of some "sale" thing and its non refundable. I don't plan on paying for anything more than what we agreed on and she's not badgering me about it she's just not saying anything at all. I tried to talk about it with her and all she said was...."Well i may have 200 bucks when we go but you know...that's gotta cover everything we do from hotels to food. I went with friends last time and that's all i took and it worked out" I know the last time she went she went with friends that got a discount if they brought extra people.....and they paid for pretty much everything. I don't plan on going on vacation with her this situation is so embarrassing...i hate talking about money problems especially since we work the same job and her bring home pay is higher than mine. I'm just so frustrated and a bit stressed that at the last minute she's flaking for half of our vacation.
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