Fitness thread 05/09/2014

Hi ladies!

I have a confession. This week has been kind of a bust for me. I have been trying to eat actual meals instead of filling up on snacky stuff and I had a few good days but mostly not so good ones.


I am not giving up.

And, I have been more active this week so I am going to take that small win and run with it. Next week I will continue to stay active, limit screen time and hopefully buy a tennis racket so I can play on nice days. The kids want to play too, so I'm looking for three of them.

How has your week been? Has it been a bit rough, like mine? It's ok, we've got this. Have you had a good week? Share your success! Also, are you staying with your current goals, making new ones or adjusting what you are working towards?

    Bust for me too--had a work party yesterday, ate some very tasty things and stuffed myself silly. But as long as those days are sparse, it's not the end of the world, right?
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        Oh I am glad you are not giving up! Persevere young lady! i have goals about working out that I never get to ... something always gets in the way! But this summer I plan to get outside more with the children so hopefully my non workout days will be by the wayside and i can start doing something again!
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