Pampers, then Huggies.

With my daughter, I preferred Pampers Swaddlers. At the time, sizes only went up to 3, if I recall correctly. We then used Pampers Cruisers, didn't much care for Baby-Dry. I liked Huggies Natural, too, as they felt softer. But, we finally switched to Huggies and their Slip-On line; so much easier to diaper a rowdy toddler.
With my newborn son, I much prefer Huggies Snugglers.
Now, we use a combination of disposables (when we have 'em) at night or when we're going out and cloth pocket diapers.

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    I find myself agreeing with you a lot today, Lorraine Molina! We did exactly the same--the Huggies Slip-On line has been really great for us when Maddie decided that she didn't like to lay down for diaper changes anymore.
      8Theresa Gould
      I don't even remember what order we used different brands. I know we started with Pampers with our oldest and from there switched to all different brands to use mostly while out and about as we used cloth at home.
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